Direct-managed business

We offer “taste” and “excitement” to satisfy our customers.

Hokkoku’s direct managed businesses vary from ramen restaurant to Japanese-style bars (izakaya), restaurants, food courts, and to Japanese-style cafes and more.

As for our ramen restaurants, MISOZEN serves soup made by selected miso from every region of the country. MUGEN-ANN serves unique ramen flavors made by famed ramen masters. GENTEN is famous for its rich tasting soup. Our diversified approach has led to the successful development of a variety of distinctive brands, and dining experiences.

Soba izakaya (ONIYA) serves 100% buckwheat soba. At DOSANKO-JAYA and IZAKAYA-ICHIBA, snacks/dishes developed by each restaurant and various alcohol beverages, (beer, distilled sprit, sake; rice wine), are being served. As for the higher-end restaurant business, GINZA-IBERIKO serves Iberian pork shabu-shabu (a hot pot dish made at the table by cooking vegetables and sliced meat in boiling broth and eaten with dipping sauces) with 100 different kinds of wine. We also own BENITRA-GYOUZABO which serves Chinese homemade food.

HIYORIYA is a food court (an indoor seating ‘courtyard’ surrounded by various eateries) that serves ramen, curry and rice, hamburger steak and other casual dining choices. JIPAN-YA, a Japanese-style cafe, serves healthy bread made from Japanese traditional grains and emphasizes a “nostalgic taste.” Our affiliated company MINOHANA offers Kyoto-style ramen, Chinese food, and Shikoku udon (Japanese wheat noodle).

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