Management Goals

Through our businesses, services, and products, we aim to provide our customers with health, excitement and comfort. We are also determined to contribute our support to local communities.

Mission statement

As a long-standing member of the food and beverage industry, our company offers “well-thought-out services” through the continual development of new varieties of our products, the main focus of which is “health.” We continue to strive and challenge ourselves to improve and invent products and services that will excite our existing customer base, and entice a new generation of customers. Our goal is to continue to develop as a world-renowned and respected food and beverage company, through the establishment of mutual support networks among our customers, business partners, and local communities. We are committed to creating employment for local communities through the expansion and growth of our businesses.


Business Domain (Transformation from franchise business to ingredients supply)

Under our franchise business model, we sell ingredients without charging any royalty fees. Hokkoku will partially carry out this franchise business model in the future. However, our main mission is to provide a wide variety of safe, high quality, tasty ingredients at the best price to our franchisees. We also aim to expand our profit for non-ramen restaurants. With the advantages afforded through volume purchasing, we are committed to offering competitive and stabilized prices.

Purchasing and producing ingredients

Shifting the business domain to ingredients supply, our goal is to procure high quality ingredients at reasonable prices. Recently, foreign countries have tightened their import regulations. On the other hand, Japan’s food self-sufficiency is declining. Under such circumstances, our ingredients procurement business is starting to play an important role for Hokkoku. In order to deal with this issue, we are attempting to make deals directly with ingredients producers. Hokkoku is also committed to becoming an ingredients producer itself.

Establishing a recycling-oriented demand and supply model

Japan is an affluent country that is now well known for having a large amount of food wastage. Hokkoku is taking initiatives to reduce such food wastage by recycling the leftover and uneaten food into livestock feed. We also make manure compost to be used as crop fertilizer. By establishing such a recycling-oriented demand and supply model, we pursue effective utilization of recourses and we are determined to become an environmentally friendly company.


With our experience in setting up business overseas in 1970s, and with the recent Japanese food boom in foreign countries, Hokkoku is planning to expand the ramen business into international markets. Ramen is a high quality, reasonably priced Japanese food with a variety of flavors, and as such, is highly marketable both at home and abroad. Being a high-profile company with vast experience, we are accepting offers from foreign companies to set up ramen restaurants overseas. Once high quality ingredient supply is assured, we plan to start our business in Southeast Asia.

Setting up a new restaurant business model

Hokkoku has recently purchased a Japanese-style soba bar (izakaya). In the future, alongside the ramen restaurant business, we are planning to set up directly managed eateries that ①Have high profitability ②Are easy to operate and manage ③Require low levels of investment After setting up such directly managed shops, we will offer our existing FC owners this new business opportunity and expand our franchise business.

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